I found myself

13461146_1107492815989731_503520535_oWho wants to watch plays when you have high-graphic movies and 4D auditoriums? This would’ve seemed like a valid question a year and a half ago. Well, we’re on a better plane today.

An acquaintance I met a couple of months ago mentioned Samahaara and when i “Oh’d”, little did i know the beauty that my life was to stumble upon. Started in 2004, this theatre group is the most happening thing in Hyderabad now. What started off with mere curiosity left me in the clutches of the joy of overwhelming serendipity. “What? Theatre is actually happening?” I wasted no more time and participated in their Slam Poetry event following which I did an eight-weekend workshop in acting and a month later, I was ready for my stage début. The people I met there? Let’s just say I found my forever squad.

Two plays old, I had the opportunity to meet and work with wonderful, talented guys and grow as a person as I did as an actor (I still have a long way to go, though). Their passion and dedication was infectious. They were always ready to help with no trace of boastfulness. They taught me that acting isn’t really just expressions and emoting. It’s a journey of self-exploration. You need to find the right experience to bring the emotion on stage. It’s about telling a story and touching the human, hidden part of your audience. Amidst those plays, rehearsals, chai-breaks, make-up hacks sharing sessions, after-parties and back stage action, I found myself.
I discovered peace.

It’s been a joy-ride ever since. Two Shows and a Graduation later I joined Samahaara as an intern. To have the honour of working with Samahaara, it’s been the most enriching experience of my life. Rathna Shekar Reddy, our founder is the most humble and passionate man I’ve ever met. His vision for theatre started when all we knew of it was the Dramatics hour in Elementary school and almost single-handedly, he brought it to where it is today.

100 successful theatre workshops, atleast 3 shows per month since one year, out of town performances, from Comedies to Satires to Shakespeare, they play it all. They write too and Last Wish Baby is an example of just how well. We are an ever growing family related by our love for theatre arts. Every show is a story. We care.

Celebrating the 400th birthday of William Shakespeare, we staged three shows of Much Ado About Nothing this June. And I was fortunate enough to be a part of this. Shakespeare is usually synonymous with heavy, complicated, fancy words and, by our common folk, associated with too much seriousness. For all those with that opinion, you couldn’t be more wrong. When i first walked into the rehearsals of Much Ado About Nothing, I was really apprehensive only to realise how in vain that was. I don’t think I enjoyed as much as that ever before. I cannot reduce that experience to a few words. All I can say is, I met the best people here and made memories that I’ll cherish for nothing less than forever. I’m glad Samahaara happened to me along with everything else that followed.
Thank You, Samahaara for everything.

Vyshnavi Mallubatla

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