30th June 2016- my most memorable day as an intern. Samahaara was invited to the office of “D E Shaw, Hyderabad” to perform one of our most successful presentation, “Last Wish Baby” and I was Samahaara’s volunteer, helping them back-stage . Last Wish Baby is a satirical play with a little resemblance to street play form that, involving contemporary references, focuses on the hypocrite and scandalising plight of our society and its elements. In this pantomime, man’s apathy and superficiality transparently reveals itself. Written by Team Samahaara, produced, designed and directed by Rathna Shekar Reddy, this play always receives overwhelming response both in and out of Hyderabad every time it is staged.

Bright Sun, wonderful weather, all smiles and everything else nice, this day was another one of those really exciting ones. And a memorable one it was for more reasons than just the play. The hospitality extended by the team of DE Shaw was astoundingly impressive. Their office was a treat to the eye and to have the opportunity to perform there was humbling. A perfect stage was set up on their Basketball court- stage mics, lights, and music. A couple of rehearsals and a photoshoot at this wonderful place later, the audience were all set and waiting for us to perform. We had them glued to their seats for the next one hour through a frolicking ride. That was one flattering audience and thanks to them, our team enjoyed performing as much as the audience enjoyed watching it. Fantastic mimicry and not so subtle references- we sure did rock the stage.

Now, DE Shaw decided that it was time to leave a greater impression on us. We requested for refreshments for the team and they sent a stack of love aka Domino’s pizza along with a bag of chips and juice. Following this they led us to their yummy, delightful cafeteria. Well, that’s going to be long story, so lets skip it. They also presented all the team members with a sipper from DE Shaw. Tulika, the HR at D E Shaw interacted with the team members and congratulated us on putting up a brilliant show. With that, we called it a day. Another well appreciated performance, delightful hospitality, loads of fun and a bunch of unforgettable memories- Thank You DE Shaw. And Thank You Samahaara for letting me be a part of this.

Vyshnavi Mallubatla

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