Directed by Nagaraju Pejjai and Produced by Samahaara, Bakri is an adaptation of a hilarious satire written by Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena that attempts to and successfully depicts the current socio-political scenario. Three sly men decide to exploit an innocent village’s belief system and make some quick bucks. So a dumb goat is claimed to belong to the lineage of Mahatma Gandhi’s pet and is attributed divinity(Bakri Matha). A temple is built for it and politicians from everywhere visit this village to pay respects. With not enough money for bare necessities too, the village pours in their last pennies too towards this temple. The villagers’ blind faith ends in a heart wrenching tragedy as things begin to fall apart when a young educated man decides to question it. This play beautifully and skillfully depicts, accurately, the truth of today’s happenings. Our fifth repeat show too had a house full of audience as its previous shows. Well, what can we say, humbly, we try our best. o:)


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