I’m glad I joined the group

virenTwo years ago, I was looking for a theatre group to join and i almost zeroed in on another group before I joined Samahaara. And thank god, I made the right choice. I’ve always been a theatre enthusiast since my college days, but never did have any sort of formal training. And then I heard about Samahaara. It started with that one class all those years ago and the learning never stopped. I’m glad I joined the group. I truly consider Rathna Sir as my Guru.

What started two and a half years ago with a two-and-a-half month workshop that taught me the basics of theatre and acting, went on to be this journey of constant evolution for me. It bothers me that due to personal reasons I couldn’t give my best to Samahaara and pursue acting.

I’m a writer and I consider myself really fortunate to have been associated with theatre. My Guru “Rathna Shekar” is a man who is not merely a professional artist but also a disciplined mentor who understands and appreciates art in its true spirit. He knows what it takes to become a good actor, to sustain it in the long run. I have very seldom seen that kind of dedication, enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism in any person related to theatre or film industry. Rathna Shekar ji, I’m really in awe of the motivation, encouragement and support you extend to your team. I’m really proud of you sir, and I feel honoured to be associated with Samahaara.

I really don’t think any combination of words can begin to describe how I feel about Samahaara. Thanking all my Samahaarians. Have a great day.

Virender Thakur

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