One of my most fulfilling life experiences

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shailenderSamahaara Theatre Workshop and the subsequent theatre work is one of my most fulfilling life experiences till date. I accidentally happened to come across Samahaara’s post about the workshop. A brief chat on the phone with Rathna Shekar sir made me attend it.

I was the only person in my age group and the rest were 20 something and few under 20 as well. That kind of made me a little nervous but what unfolded after the first class made me one amongst the younger lot. No pretense, no formalities, no hangups. It was like reconnecting to one’s true self again. The workshop helped me express myself as an actor and how I would say and do certain roles. It’s been a total destresser for me and surprisingly increased my efficiency at work as well. A happy free mind always works best I guess.

I got an opportunity to work on two plays with Samahaara and number of shows of the same. I am looking forward to a long association with the group and to do more theatre and plays in the future.
Rathna Shekar Sir, is a true mentor and a friend. He has amazing subject knowledge and is a true craftsman. He is churning out some great talent from his workshops every month. So anyone out there looking for a life changing experience, then this is it.

Shailender Singh

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