Thank you very much Samahaara

13340432_1093140994091580_1163417231_oI got introduced to Samahaara by a fellow theatre enthusiast and it’s been 4 months since I joined it. I think the best part about Samahaara is that if you’re talented and willing to work hard, it gives you a chance on the stage despite you being inexperienced.

I got a chance to perform my stand-up set at the comedy nights and when the audience was applauding even at my intentional pauses, it just made me feel suave. I also got a chance to perform 5 shows of Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena’s “Bakri” a satire in Hindi where we had the freedom to modernise and improvise the script and most of our practice went in writing creative content and blocking the same. It was an impeccable experience.

I have been casted as Don John, “the Bastard Prince” in a Shakespeare classic “Much ado about Nothing” and have been working with the best set of creative and talented people of Samahaara and will be performing our first show shortly. Looking forward for an awesome time peeps!

Thank you very much Samahaara.

Yash Bajaj

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